Sunday, December 23, 2007

skin on frame kayaks

Dave spent a little more than a month building our skin on frame boats. I asked him to add the yin yang dragons to mine on the bow.

Dave in his boat

Me in my boat

Happy holidays everyone


Kiwi Ellen said...

Oh I like that yin yang Helaine, very excellent!

Helaine said...

Thank you......I took the picture while the boat was upside down on top of the truck LOL I am going to get a tattoo simular to this for my 50th B-day in March.

Happy holidays to you and Joe

kayaksuccor said...

Where did Dave learn to build the SOF boats? I plan on taking a class from Cape Falcon Kayak. I also see that you were at Deception Pass Dash. How cool I was there too. I was the last place finisher, but at least I finished.

Helaine said...

He has read a lot on the subject and just started making them. I believe he also would like to take a class at cape falcon. When we were at Deception pass for the race he went to pick up the skin and the polyurithane (sp) the guy that sells the stuff is just right down the road from the park. I believe he also gives classes on SOF kayaks.

Dave is now on his second set of SOF boats and you can see what he has been doing by going to


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