Saturday, December 8, 2007

Deception pass dash Dec 2nd

8 am

The race begins at 9:45

Beautiful sunset at the pass

We were up at Deception pass for the 2nd annual pass dash. We arrived on Friday afternoon so we went for a paddle in Bowman bay till we could park our trailer in our camp site. Then off to get the skin for our skin on frame boats Dave is making. The sunset above was from Friday night.

Saturday morning we woke up to snow on the ground and some rain with wind tossed in there from time to time. In the afternoon a few people arrived for the week end. After they got back from a paddle we all went out to dinner at Deception pass cafe. There was about 20 of us with just one waitress. I have to say she did a great job and got tipped well. We just felt bad for the non paddle people who came in while we were all there as this is a small cafe.

Sunday morning everyone slowly gets up to get ready for the race. We had cinnamon rolls which Cathy popped in cuz she smelled something yummy. Once the race began there was food to get ready for the hungry paddlers. There was a lot of wind on the course that they had to deal with so they needed to be warmed up and fed. By the time the race was over there was concern over the wind so we left as we did not want to get caught in the worse part of the storm coming. We made it home within 3 hours.

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