Saturday, December 8, 2007

Knitting projects and new camera

I bought a canon power shot camera A570 last week so we could take pictures of the race as well as holiday pictures.
So now I can send the great grand parents pictures of our grand kids.
Above is the cover I made for the camera so the strap can stick out. It is really thick yarn so it should pad it pretty well. I had finished my Mom's scarf from christmas with the same yarn while we were at the pass last week end so now I can send it to her in Calif.


Kiwi Ellen said...

Ooohhh pretty button is right Helaine. Love that yarn too, it looks like a fluffy rainbow..

Nice camera by the look of things, make sure you keep this one safe, eh?

Helaine said...

Oh ya this one is not going in Dave's truck! That truck swallows things to never been seen again.

I love that button and the yarn. I hope my Mom will love her scarf.

Hugs, Helaine

Can you speak a little louder? said...

so are you still liking the camera? seeing as everything comes out nearly white with ours... I think the days of 6 year old grandson's photography.. with Nana's camera... are limited...

Need to do some camera shopping... still loving it?

Helaine said...

Yes, I love how the pictures turn out and they are not as fuzzy thanks to the non shake thing on it. It is to me much better than the one we had before that cost alot more.


Helaine said...

Dulie and Ellen

Today I talked to my mom as we got a package from them and I wanted to make sure she got the package I sent her. The wrap scarf I made for her is posted here and she thought it was a huge head band??? I about died laughing at her, then tried to explain to her that nooooo that goes around your neck not your head.
It seems when I make something for my parents they act weird like they dont understand what it is or why I sent it to them. I made my Dad soap way back when....he wanted to know what he was suppose to do with it. Well duh.....wash with it will ya!

I just wanted to share how funny parents can be.


zippiknits said...

Beautiful yarn and that is such a pretty little coin purse with it's sweet button. Having decided to make a coin purse to use up some yarns, I found yours. Serendipity!

I finally got subbed to bloglines so it's letting me catch up on all the interesting stuff that's been missed!

The camera and you are working together so well!

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