Friday, January 4, 2008

A new year

Happy new years, I hope everyone had a great holiday season

I wanted to share some things that my Mom sent in her package to us for Christmas.

The crochet bear and doll were made for my Sister by my Grandmother. My Mom had saved them so she sent them for Raidan to have. Mom saved a few of the things that Grandma made for us and as Raiden grows older she is going to send them to her.
So for my 1st project of the year in the tradition of my Grandmother I want to make a crochet animal for Raidan. Not sure what yet........if any one has any ideas let me know.


Kiwi Ellen said...

How about a bunny for Raidan Helaine, it seems so appropiate with you having all those cute bunnies, don't ya think?

Helaine said...



I am already working on one for her easter basket lol


zippiknits said...

My grandmother used to dress tiny dolls for my presents, too. What a memory that brought back.

I suggest a little elephant for your daughter. DH's grandmother made elephants, yellow and blue, for our daughters. The were flat but they where still very cute.

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