Sunday, January 27, 2008

corridale batt for spinning

I went to Allyn knit shop today to pick out some wool to spin. This picture does not quite show all the colors as they are but it was the best out of 4 pictures.
It goes from a light cream to reddish brown to some brown in it. I felt like I got a pretty good deal on it. Lois told me that if I want more after I spin this up she has more for me ;)
I also met up with Robin who lives out that way. I think she has some socks in her future LOL
More later when I get some of it spun up.


zippiknits said...

That is a very pretty batt. It has to be nice to be able to get batts like that locally. I've decided that I'll have to go on line to get them. The nearest store is 50 miles away, and they didn't have roving or bat in natural. I found you again after some searching. My link got broken. Happy Spinning!

Helaine said...

Thank you.....this batt was tucked up on a shelf with 2 others. I am glad they showed me this. It should spin up nice.


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