Sunday, February 17, 2008

crochet dish cloth

First I would like to thank Ellen for telling me how to start this project. Some times I have a hard time visualizing how something works. She took the time to call me to tell me what I needed to do to start it.

Then I went to crochet pattern central to find an easy/quick towel topper pattern that did not need a button as I could not find my buttons.

So this is what I came up with last night. I have one more to finish then these are going to my daughter Dawn for her birthday tomorrow.

So till then shhhhhh no telling!


Kiwi Ellen said...

Hey well done Helaine, that looks great & what a clever idea to do it so it ties

Helaine said...

Thanks, I thought it was a neat idea when I seen it on the pattern site I went to. Now if I could find those buttons I have. I have to go into my room and dig around thru it all to find the things I am looking for lately.


Helaine said...

She liked them and wants more as she does need towels. A Mom with a mission.


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