Monday, September 10, 2007

Angora wool

Last week I happen to go past a sign that said herbs, plants and spinning supplies. That is all it takes to get me to check it out "herbs, plants and spinning" LOL

By the time I got done at the shop I came home with some calendula soap and some unspun angora wool. It is sooooo soft and it had been dyed blue. I found some slickers to comb it with so I can set about spinning on my spindle.

This got me thinking how I would like to have my own bunnie to have as a pet as well as for the wool. This would give me a way to come up with my own yarn spun from my own pet. So I have been researching raising angora rabbit's and joined a angora yahoo group so I can learn about them.


Jules said...

Wow! Keep us posted on what it takes to keep the rabbits for their fur etc. Very interesting!

Kary said...

Good luck ... having your own fiber supply would be wonderful!

Helaine said...
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Helaine said...


I have joined a couple angora rabbit yahoo groups and I am learning quite a bit about them. I just have not been able to meet an actual angora rabbit to see what I think of them. I have had rabbits off and on since I was a teen. I will keep you posted.....if I get a rabbit I will of course post it's picture here.


Helaine said...


Thank you, I think it would be fun to have my own source of wool too but it might be a lot of work to get it. I will post updates later once I know more and visit with a few breeder's.


Kiwi Ellen said...

LOL at you not being able to pass a sign like that, I'd be disappointed if you did Helaine >grin<
Oh yes a bunny to get your own yarn would be cool & if you fed it herbs would it be scented yarn?

Helaine said...


It was the most nicest home shop I had seen in a while. She had her green house with some herbs growing. She had soaps, lotions,lip balms, herbal teas. She has spinning supplies such as wheels, spun yarn, wool to felt with as well.

So I think I will be spending time there learning from her about spinning.

I am hoping to have a cute little bunn bunn soon to feed herbs to and then I can let you know if they smell like what they eat LOL


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