Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I got a deal

Today I was out in Silverdale to meet with my friend Illaya while she had a Doctor appointment.
Anyways after we parted I went to Joann's looking for the spin off magazine. Of course they were out and I guess I have to wait till the next one comes out. Anyone know when that is?

I wandered over to the yarn to see what they had on sale. Boy did they have a good deal! I got lion brand landscapes yarn in spring desert for .97 cents vs the regular price of $6.99. Of course they only had 1 color so I bought 4 skeins, 2 will be to make the scarf pattern on the band. The other 2 I will use to make up knitted coffee and needle cozies.

Did I score or what?????


Kiwi Ellen said...

Great score Helaine, shame they only had one colour for that price but heck you got to get your bargains when & where you can, right?

Here are a couple of links for Spin Off Magazine

Helaine said...

You got that right! I was smiling all the way home with it.

Hugs, Helaine

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