Monday, July 30, 2007

Felting 101

On the Left is a picture of what I now call my fuzzy brain. It all started out as a ruffled coffee cozy like the blue one on the right. I thought I was following the directions on the pattern right but I ended up using a whole skein of yarn. It was one big ruffle so I tossed it into the wash machine. It came out looking like this so I was showing my family and we all thought hey it looks like a brain so that is why it is now known as "My fuzzy brain".
So I got to work making up my own version of the coffee cozy so the blue cozies on the right turned out a lot better and I did not use a whole skein to make them. The one with the ruffle is mine and the one without is for my husband Dave.
I am now working on a beaded version of the coffee cozy to be posted soon. I can't wait to see what they look like once they have been felted.


Charlene ("Cat") Therien said...

Hi Helaine! Thank you so much for adding my website to your links list. What a sweet, sweet thing to do. Happy tea to you today! (How about some sassafrass with me?)


Helaine said...

Thanks Cat
I sent you an email so check it out.


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